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•Sharks: Predators with A Purpose

•Plankton: Ocean Drifters



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The ocean can be a very difficult place to live. The animals living in the seas have to deal every moment with finding food, and protecting themselves from predators. There are many ways of hiding, defending, and feeding, and every different technique has advantages for different animals. Adaptations for Survival in the Sea explores some of the adaptations used by various sea creatures to survive.

For example, some animals use camoflage to escape detection or to sneak up on their prey, while other animals have coloration which intentionally makes them stand out. Some creatures hide from predators, while others stay in groups out in the open, relying on protection in numbers. Some animals have dangerous spines or venom for protection, but even the most venomous creatures sometimes have predators. Different animals have taken advantage of different food sources, some feeding at the top of the food chain, and others at the bottom. So every animal is both predator, and prey. This educational film demonstrates through underwater footage shot in the wild, how animals in the oceans have evolved to survive by adapting to their environment.

This film won the 1997 Bronze Apple Award from the National Educational Media Network!

Featuring the stunning underwater cinematography and fascinating approach to education for which O.R.G. is famous, this film is certain to delight students and teachers alike! Run time: 20 minutes

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