O.R.G. Educational Films

Jonathan Bird's Blue World

•Adaptations for Survival in the Sea

•The Amazing Coral Reef

•Beneath the Caribbean

•Beneath the North Atlantic

•Beneath the South Pacific

•The Coral Reef: A Living Wonder

•Coral Reefs: Rainforests of the Sea

•Dolphins and How They Live

•Manatees and How They Live

•Seals and How They Live

•Sharks and How They Live

•Sharks: Predators with A Purpose

•Plankton: Ocean Drifters



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All of the Oceanic Research Group educational films are available through Discovery Education, the largest educational and non-theatrical film distributor in the world.

You can order on-line through the Discovery Education web site, or call toll free at (800) 323-9084.

Discovery Education
1560 Sherman Ave
Suite 100
Evanston IL 60201

update 10/25/07