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Manatees and How They Live (25 Min)

Manatees and How They Live is an educational film about the life, habits and anatomy of the only Sirenian species found within the United States. Manatees are large solitary marine mammals looking something like a cross between a seal and a whale. They are very gentle, and have no natural enemies, as they eat only aquatic plants.

This film introduces the viewer to the manatee with stunning underwater cinematography showing all aspects of their lives, from eating, sleeping and playing, to nursing their young and showing their curiosity towards humans. This natural curiosity causes many manatees to die each year because of laceration by boat propellers. Furthermore, loss of habitat is taking its toll on the manatees at an alarming rate. It is now believed that there are perhaps less than 2,500 of these animals remaining in the United States, and that extinction is imminent, unless steps are taken immediately. This film addresses the threats facing the manatees and some of the steps which have been taken to protect them.

Filmed almost entirely in the state of Florida, this educational film offers a rare glimpse into the watery world of one of the most endangered marine mammals on Earth. Manatees and How They Live is the stirring story of the struggle for survival facing the manatees of Florida and the Caribbean.

"Straightforward introduction...clear underwater footage" - Booklist, April 1, 1995

Oceanic Research Group also produced a television film about manatees that is now available on home video.

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