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Welcome to SHARK ACADEMY! Become an expert on shark biology, shark facts and shark taxonomy! Want to learn how to tell a male from a female shark? Or how a shark can find its prey in the dark? You have come to the right place! Using short, informative and funny videos, SHARK ACADEMY introduces viewers to sharks in an entertaining way!

Male-Female Male Versus Female
This video shows how to easily distinguish a male from a female shark just by looking!
Shark Eyesight Shark Eyesight
Do sharks see in color? How good is their eyesight? This video answers all your questions about shark eyes.
Shark Smell Shark Smell
Can sharks really detect a drop of blood in a million gallons of water? This video explains the acuity of the shark's sense of smell.
Shark Electrosensory System Shark Electrosensory System
This video explains how sharks use their Ampullae of Lorenzini to detect electrical currents in the water and how that helps them hunt prey.
Shark Hearing Shark Hearing
Do sharks have ears? Yes! This video explains how sharks hear and how they hunt using sound and vibrations.
Shark Breathing How do sharks Breathe?
Do sharks really have to keep swimming to breathe? Not all do. This video explains the different ways that sharks keep water moving over their gills.
Shark Attacks Shark Attacks
How dangerous are sharks? How often to do they actually attack people? What animals are more dangerous than sharks?
Shark Teeth Shark Teeth
Why do sharks have different kinds of teeth? And why do they have so many? This video explains all about shark teeth!
Shark Finning Shark Finning
What is shark finning and why do people fin sharks? This video explains it, but please beware that it contains graphic images!
Shark Coloration Shark Coloration
Do sharks have camouflage? Why are sharks colored the way they are?
Shark Buoyancy Shark Buoyancy
Did you know sharks sink? So how do they stay up off the bottom?
Shark Feeding Frenzies Shark Feeding Frenzies
Do sharks really have feeding frenzies?
Shark Reproduction Shark Reproduction
Do sharks lay eggs? Have live babies? Or both? This video explains shark reproduction in an easy to understand way!



A series of videos about individual shark species and their basic biology, with a little humor here and there! These are listed in order of release, not alphabetical order.

Blue Sharks Blue Sharks
Tiger Sharks Tiger Sharks
Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks
Wobbegong Sharks Wobbegong Sharks
Caribbean Reef Sharks Caribbean Reef Sharks
Great White Sharks Great White Sharks
Bull Sharks Bull Sharks
Gray Reef Sharks Gray Reef Sharks
Greenland Sharks Greenland Sharks
Whale Sharks Whale Sharks
Lemon Sharks Lemon Sharks
Sand Tiger Sharks Sand Tiger Sharks
Thresher Sharks Thresher Sharks
Basking Sharks Basking Sharks
Megalodon Shark Megalodon Shark
Spiny Dogfish Sharks Spiny Dogfish Sharks
Whitetip Reef Shark Whitetip Reef Sharks
Oceanic Whitetip Shark Oceanic Whitetip Sharks
Great Hammerhead Shark Great Hammerhead Sharks
Nurse Shark Nurse Sharks
Longtail Carpet Sharks Longtail Carpet Sharks
Prickly Sharks Prickly Sharks



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