Roi-Namur Anchorage Journal Entries


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July 27, 2000

We arrive on Roi and do a night dive to kick off the events.

By Tom Krasuski

July 28, 2000

Our first day of exploring the planes yeilds a C-46, B-25 and many assorted fighters and bombers.

By Mark Miller

July 29, 2000

Cliff Struggles with a giant clam "I've got some butter melting back at my place with your name on it"!

By Jonathan Bird

July 30, 2000

Fun and Frolic with the Oceanic Research Team! But we work hard too!

By Greg "Gator" Brunshidle

July 31, 2000

Dive sensei Cliff Simoneau bids farwell to Kwajalein. Jonathan anticipates Christine's arrival. Gator schemes.

By Greg "Gator" Brunshidle

August 1, 2000

Wrecks, Reefs, and Rebreathers, The bosses are away on Kwaj and we dive with no pressure! (Lotsa Fun)

By Mark Miller

August 2, 2000

Wake up you lazy bums, it's time to go diving! Jonathan and Tom return to Roi with our newest member.

By Jonathan Bird

August 3, 2000

The crew faces the jungle, heat, and humidity during a day of surface photography. Even sixty years later the horrors of battle are evident.

By Jonathan Bird