•Beneath the North Atlantic

Endangered Mermaids

Sharks: Search For A Feeding Frenzy

The Silent Wrecks


Oceanic Research Group, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the conservation of the world's oceans and marine life through education.



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Although our principal mission is the production of educational films and materials for use in schools, we have produced a few television films as a means to support our non-profit mission. These are all films with a strong educational component. Our most ambitious project is an educational television/web program called Jonathan Bird's Blue World.

Jonathan Bird's Blue World Jonathan Bird's Blue World

Sharks: The Real Story

Our film which aired in 1997/98 on PBS in the U.S. and on channels all around the world. Aired later on the USA Network in the U.S. Available on home video.

Beneath the North Atlantic

Our 1998 release about marine life in the cold North Atlantic airing all over the world. Available on home video.

Endangered Mermaids

A powerful film about the efforts to protect and save West Indian Manatees in Florida, released in late 2000. Available on home video.

The Silent Wrecks

Our most recent production, a history film about the battle of Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific during World War Two. There is an extensive journal with pictures, of our adventures filming this production posted here!



update 7/2013